Stress Control

CIPD, PwC, HSE and many other sources estimate the costs of work-related stress to the UK to be in the region of £6.5bn per annum – in addition to the high personal costs to individuals and organisations.

The Stress Control programme is a sequence of 3 initial workshops which can be delivered for all teams within the organisation:  Board/Leadership Teams, Senior Management, Middle Management, Operational teams, Support Teams.  The objectives are the same but the content and delivery tailored for the delegate profile.  Information is gathered from the workshops to build the solutions and implementation plan.  These workshops will enable practical understanding of what stress is, identify how it manifests itself in your workplace, how it impacts on your performance and provide successful, effective solutions to reduce negative stress and improve personal and corporate results,  The Stress Control programme includes a 3, 6 and 12 month review.

Outcomes:  People enabled to identify and take control of stress and the causes of stress for themselves and others.  Action plans.

In a Stress Control workshop we will cover:

  • health and performance
  • the bio-chemistry of performance
  • the bio-chemistry of stress
  • effects of stress on the body
  • how it all hangs together – what affects what
  • the nutrition advice and consultancy of key performers
  • how to make good food choices under stress
  • nutrition factors that affect brain health: toxins, food choices, blood sugar control, sleep quality, food intolerances
  • responses to stress:  alcohol, coffee, drugs, addictive behaviour, eating disorders
  • using nutrition to get back on track
  • exercise, psychology, hormones
  • what kind of exercise and how much
  • how the mind works – introduction to the mind
  • resilience
  • the psychological and the physiological – which is which?
  • good stress and bad stress – managing stress positively to maximise performance
  • fundamental learning and change
  • adapt and survive


Many organisations manage work-related stress on a daily basis. These practical, effective, half-day workshops are designed and delivered for Leadership Teams, Management and Operational and Support Teams with the latest findings and solutions on stress control and stress-related implications at work.

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