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Workshops and Consultancy on

Good for you
Good for your business

Workshops and Consultancy on

Performance and productivity rely on a successful blend of skills, leadership, engagement and physical and mental fitness.

We provide consultancy and workshops to achieve your successful performance strategy – practical ways to achieve personal and corporate best, supporting businesses, teams and individuals.

Performance is not a single issue, it is a combination of essential elements. These elements are a perfect recipe for achievement and sustainability.

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Covid-19:  We have all been launched into a crash course of crisis management.
We hope you are able to look after yourselves and your health – whilst 
we all negotiate these exceptional challenges.

15th February - Bristol Marriott Hotel

A workshop for leaders and entrepreneurs to discover how best to reach optimum performance in the workplace.

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Health and Wellbeing are essential to successful Performance

The Commercial Case

0 %
reduction in sickness absence
0 %
reduction in staff turnover
0 %
reduction in accidents and injuries
0 %
reduction in resource allocation
0 %
reduction in claims
0 %
increase in employee satisfaction
0 %
increase in productivity
0 %
increase in health and welfare
0 %
increase in company profile
0 %
increase in competitiveness and profitability
(Source: Health Work Wellbeing Executive/PwC)

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Work Life Body – The indispensable guide to you.

Very educational and very interesting. Covers topics which could include hours of discussion. Expresses the importance of everything working together.

Informative. Inspiring. Something I can take away and use every day and at home.

Really informative workshop which was applicable at many levels. The interaction made it useful to participants to ask relevant questions. More sessions would be really useful.


Brain Talk

Suggestions from leading brain experts include effective tips and ideas that we can all do.

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