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Performance = Productivity

Productivity = Performance

we help companies and organisations with performance

Performance and productivity rely on a successful blend of skills, leadership, engagement and physical and mental fitness.

We provide consultancy and workshops to achieve your successful performance strategy – practical ways to achieve personal and corporate best, supporting businesses, teams and individuals.

Performance is not a single issue, it is a combination of essential elements.  These elements are a perfect recipe for achievement and sustainability.

Engagement and physical and mental fitness are key principles – Health and Wellbeing are essential to successful performance (statistics below).

reduction in sickness absence
reduction in staff turnover
reduction in accidents and injuries
reduction in resource allocation
reduction in claims
increase in employee satisfaction
increase in productivity
increase in health and welfare
increase in company profile
increase in competitiveness and profitability
(Source: Health Work Wellbeing Executive/PwC)

Our team of qualified, accredited practitioners and consultants work with you to provide professional advice and consultancy on all aspects of Performance, Health and Wellbeing, Leadership and Management


Our popular workshops are listed below which are delivered in-house or as open events.

Open events are publicised here during the year.

These original, highly informative and motivational workshops and programmes on very topical areas of work, achieve effective results and business objectives.


Consultancy and Bespoke Solutions

Consultancy and Bespoke Solutions

In our consultancy we work with you, to look at your overall business and/or the particular areas of your business you want to focus on.  This will typically include identifying objectives, evaluating and testing plans, summarising options and recommendations with implementation strategies for the agreed outcomes.

Fresh Air into the Board Room – and the Board Room into the Fresh Air

Fresh Air into the Board Room – and the Board Room into the Fresh Air

These are very effective, popular events.  Our team inject fresh thinking and ideas in executive exercises for board meetings and projects in-house – and also organise 2, 3 and 4 day off-site, outdoor expeditions.  Excellent for creativity, team rapport, interaction and development.

High Intensity Brain Raid / Innoculation

High Intensity Brain Raid / Innoculation

You need to do something – but what?  Your very own, structured, think-tank.  These consultancy workshops combine the best of the best.  Your in-house expertise and experience along with equally qualified, fresh input and evaluation.

Performance and Wellness Audit

Performance and Wellness Audit

The workplace is receiving more and more attention in connection with Health and Wellbeing.  Update your existing audit or carry out a new audit with key professionals to provide the information you need and clarify short, medium and long term requirements and  solutions.