Our story

Work Life Consultants started life in 2008 in response to the growing priorities of business and personal health and performance. Looking after business and looking after people is key to successful workplaces and organisations. There is an extraordinary amount of information available – we sift through what makes sense, what’s practical and what is most helpful.

We formed a team of specialist consultants in health, nutrition, leadership, fitness, neuroscience and psychology to put together effective workshops and plans for busy people and workplaces. All our consultants are from busy, corporate lives and backgrounds and understand the demands and pressures of modern working life.

Studying Leadership, Psychology, Nutrition, Project Management and all the other intrinsic business skills, separately, forms a good, sound basis. Seeing them and understanding them all work together – is very much more powerful. Our lives don’t happen in little, neat, isolated segments. Everyday is a cocktail. How we live and what we do affects concentration, memory, mood, energy, behaviour, information-processing, cognitive function, pain, motivation and communication – our physical and mental health.

All our work has been developed from very real client meetings, conversations and feedback resolving very real challenges. We understand – and we listen.

It’s one of those odd facts that most of us know more about our computer, mobile phone, car or tv/audio system than we do about ourselves. To keep ourselves well this day and age we need to be able to make sense of health information, extraordinary food and fitness choices and lifestyle options. We know this makes sense and makes a difference. Elite sports people, celebrities and high achievers in business and public life incorporate these skills and this knowledge into their lives – because it works, because it makes a difference, because it is successful. We do all the research for you, distil the salient points which are going to work for you, save you time, give the opportunity for extensive Q and A, optimise understanding – and importantly show how this all works together. All these subjects are very strong personal and business areas of their own – but the benefit is how they all work together. Leadership is a critical part of a healthy team and health is a critical part of effective leadership.

This is the invaluable information we need about ourselves – to reach our personal bests, to excel – and it’s about feeling good. When we feel good we work better, we are more productive and maintain better working relationships.

How we are affects everything we do.

Ill health costs businesses and individuals a great deal in lost time and high additional expense. We understand that and that’s what we change. That’s what we all wanted to do.

The NHS, CIPD, CBI, World Health Organisation, Office of National Statistics, National Audit Office, HSE and many others – all produce significant data about the commercial impact of health-related problems in the workplace. We quickly and clearly present the information many of us would go through life without knowing but which allows us to take control of our own wellbeing and our own performance and productivity – at work and in our personal lives.

Physical and mental fitness are far more easily achieved and maintained from a sound understanding of how we operate, what affects what, preventions and strategies – that’s what we do.

“Interesting and educational – was informative without being too complicated to take on board. A few areas which were surprising to hear – the course corrected me on things I “thought” I knew but was totally wrong about!! Course was motivational ad has inspired me to make some changes!”
Workshop participant

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