Your team of highly skilled professionals to work with you

4 Typical examples are:

High Intensity Think Tank

You need to do something – but what?

The organisation needs a shot of something. It is likely to be on either leadership, motivation, training, strategy, stress control, health and wellbeing or absence management – possibly all of those.

In a 1 or 2 day exercise, identify what it is you want to achieve, define your objectives and plan your strategy.  A really thorough brain workout delivering solutions.  This timeframe can be extended according to scope of work and objectives. This is a structured exercise combining individual and group input, individual and group think, of consultants and client team, to elicit the very best ideas, plans and inspiration, from the combined wealth of knowledge and experience.

Outcomes:  Action plan.  Clear understanding of current picture.  Identified priorities.

Consultancy and Bespoke Solutions

Your team of highly skilled professionals to work with you.

Overview of corporate planning and strategy on Performance, Leadership, Health and Wellbeing.  What will work best for you to fit in with your plans, development and objectives?  –  or investigation of areas you have highlighted.

Outcomes:  Check, set and achieve your objectives.  Develop informed, effective, practical, successful solutions.  Planning and consultancy.  A joined up set of criteria.

Fresh Air into the Board Room – and the Board Room into the Fresh Air

Supporting, coaching and challenging leadership teams, in-house, on site – or ideally in extremely unfamiliar, exhilarating surroundings.  3 and 4 day high level exercises to inspire, focus, energise, develop trust and fresh thinking.  Off-site venues include guided, structured physical and mental challenges in magnificent Scottish mountains, glorious English countryside and dramatic Welsh scenery with exceptional coaches and expedition leaders.  It’s all about performance and the best you can be.

Outcomes:  Effective, transformational results from problem-solving, reflection, walking, challenges, analysis and strategy – building individuals, solutions and teams.

Performance and Wellness Audits

These audits are designed to give an accurate summary of your current position on performance and wellness.  The audit will identify areas needing adjustment or updating and any missing elements.  The simple and quickly completed exercise will also summarise the actions required and outline the benefits to the individual and the business/organisation.

Outcomes:  Audit Report, recommendations.

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