Health, performance, wellbeing – energy, motivation, stress, mood, behaviour, concentration, sleep – physical and mental fitness.

  • what is health – and the benefits of health
  • the brain and how to look after it – including concentration, thought-processing, memory and mood
  • physical and mental fitness
  • how it all hangs together – what affects what
  • understanding nutrition
  • homeostasis, metabolism and hormones
  • supporting performance and energy levels
  • the personal contract:  feel better, have more energy, less aches and pains, improved immune system
  • evolution, diet and design
  • how to make good food choices under stress
  • exercise and health
  • exercise and psychology
  • musculoskeletal care, posture and breathing

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How we are affects everything we do. How much do we know about health and how to look after ourselves? All our health workshops provide the perfect place and time to look at the many, many different aspects of health. There are tidal waves of health advice and information coming at us from all angles and little opportunity to stop and make sense of it all. These workshops provide exactly that.

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“Well presented. Very knowledgeable. Very relevant and fascinating subjects. Content excellent. Very interested in the nutrition, how the body reacts to different things and exercise. Interested to learn about stress and sleep patterns and how to help quality sleep.”

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