The brain uses more energy than any other human organ.

Some of the aspects we include in our workshops:

  • how energy is supplied
  • energy creation and distribution
  • where all the energy goes
  • the advice and consultancy of sports’ stars and celebrities
  • achieving and maintaining good energy levels
  • the bio-chemistry of the body
  • how to choose energy dense foods
  • what happens when you choose empty calories
  • good pay-back, poor pay-back
  • evolution, diet and design
  • every cell of our body is made of what we eat
  • effects of low energy on mood and eating habits
  • blood sugar
  • avoiding the slumps
  • link between sufficient energy and creativity
  • effect of poor sleep on energy levels
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – what helps, what doesn’t


Sustaining good energy levels can transform our working and personal day. Understanding how our body creates and uses energy enables simple solutions to maintain stable energy levels – especially avoiding the afternoon slump. The brain uses more energy than any other human organ.

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“Really interesting – using relevant examples from our lives and from athletes’ lives. It was good to take time out to consider how to improve health. I must look at improving my sleep.”

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