Nutrition – it’s not alternative, it’s what you eat

Nutrition is the food we eat, it’s not an alternative therapy.
Every single cell of our bodies is made from the food we eat.

So much is spoken about nutrition.  It occupies endless copy in magazines and newspapers and many hours of television, radio and media.  These nutrition workshops establish and develop the fundamental principles of good nutrition, delivered by qualified accredited professionals.

Workshops will typically include the following elements, plus any requested areas of interest:

  • introduction to nutrition
  • food groups
  • eating well
  • meal planning, snacks, food choices
  • evolution, diet and design
  • fats and oils
  • anti-oxidants
  • free radicals
  • cholesterol and homocysteine
  • the importance of water
  • tea and coffee
  • what does detox mean?
  • energy, energy levels and blood sugar
  • food labels
  • sodium and salt
  • hormones

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