Middle Age+ VIP special

Acknowledging people’s different needs and priorities is a key part of providing good solutions for a happy, vibrant, productive workplace

There are many more people middle age+ in the population and many more people middle age+ at work.  The average age of working people in the UK has increased significantly for many organisations and workplaces.  This provides a valuable, skilled and experienced core of our working population.  Acknowledging people’s different needs and priorities is key to effective, working practice and solutions.  Sequences of these half-day modules cover hormone health, musculoskeletal, bone and joint health, informed exercise regimes, good nutrition, bio-chemical ageing and what we can do to control the biological ageing clock.

Outcomes:  Informed understanding of the latest science and findings on supporting health and active, optimum lifestyles.  Learning strategies and best practice to minimise poor health conditions, pain and loss of performance.

In these workshops we will overview the different key areas of health and how best to support good health at relevant stages of life.  We will also structure workshops to include particular areas of interest from delegates.

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