The philosophy of Work Life Body is that it is the information we can all find useful, all collected together in one place.  It is the compilation of scores of books, papers, seminars and training courses – what we want to know but don’t have the time to find out.  It’s about feeling good, being healthy, looking after yourself – your work, your life, your body.

Work Life Body® is the invaluable information we need about ourselves. Consultancy, workshops, discussion groups, seminars and more – covering all the basics of understanding and maintaining personal health and performance. Many of us know more about the pc, the car or the TV/audio/stereo system than we do about our bodies and how they work. The work is accompanied by the beautifully illustrated Work Life Body® book.

As well as the personal benefits to everyone, employers that actively promote awareness of the key steps individuals and teams can take to manage their own health and wellbeing are investing directly in their most valuable and essential resource – the people who work in the business.

It’s Original – It’s Practical – It’s Quick – It’s Simple – It Works

The book, consultations and workshops deal with a large amount of information – well presented, well researched and well supported by notes, diagrams and further reference.

The work is designed for groups, employers and employees – to provide an excellent opportunity to focus on health and why – how we are – affects our working, personal and social life,mentally and physically.   How well we are has a direct impact on what we can do and how well we can do it. Ill health costs businesses and individuals a great deal in lost time and high additional expense, with all the associated knock-on effects of disruption in performance and productivity, recruitment, planning, skills and training.

The NHS, the CIPD, the CBI, the World Health Organisation, the Office of National Statistics, the National Audit Office – all produce significant data about the commercial impact of health-related problems in the workplace. We have absence from work, poor performance – and if problems become endemic they can cause low morale and affect whole areas of the workforce.

Ill health costs money.
Work Life Body® quickly and clearly presents the information many of us go through life without knowing but which allows us to take control of our own wellbeing – how our body really works, what makes a difference, how our body uses nutrients, what keeps it well and working well. This information helps us make sense of the ever-increasing amount of general health advice there seems to be.

Good and Bad Health – we cover what effects good and bad health have on daily life – the obvious ones and some of the not-so-obvious ones – and emphasize how much we can do to influence that; with original and thought-provoking explanations of What Health Is and how healthy we can choose to be.

The Body – everything you wanted to know but may have been afraid or too busy to ask – the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the skin and much more; and the role of our health on our energy levels, concentration, memory, mood and performance – and the gastro-intestinal tract – why what happens there can make you feel so good and so bad?

Nutrition – we look at nutrition and why it is attracting so much attention – what it means, what it is – practical, real explanations. The consultancy and advice of sports’ stars and celebrities – for everyone.

Exercise and Activity – the benefits, the statistics and research, a general overview of what exercise does, what you can do and why, putting increased activity and fitness into practice, sensible rules and guidelines, the psychological affects and hormones, different kinds of exercise.

Many far-reaching topics are given well thought-out, balanced and considered treatment – sensibly interwoven by the part they play; we deal with stress, energy, sleep, headaches, the immune system, colds, flu – and much more.

The incentive? working days, weeks and months of good performance – reducing backpains, migraines, headaches, colds and tiredness?

“Interesting and very beneficial. Easy to listen to. Made me more aware of importance of health and diet.”

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