It’s not alternative – it’s what you eat.

nutrition /nu·tri·tion/ (noo-trish´un) the taking in and metabolism of nutrients so that life is maintained and growth can take place.

Nutrition is the food we eat as fuel to keep our bodies alive and well. The more suitable the food, the better the body and brain will function. The body needs nutrients to provide energy, grow cells, repair wear and tear, protect against infection and to function properly. The brain is one of the highest users of energy and nutrients in the body. Every single cell of our bodies is made from the food we eat.

Even when we think we’re not doing anything the body is working very hard, all the time. Breathing, heart beat and the blood circulation, the muscles and skin holding and altering our position, there is continual renewal and repair and processing. These are just a few of the metabolic actions and bio-chemical processes that keep us alive – all day, everyday.

We will use up somewhere around 1,000 to 2,000 calories a day just staying alive – before actually undertaking conscious exercise and activities.

Nutrition is not a set of rules. It is entirely up to all of us, what and how we eat – and the most important thing is to enjoy good food. Some of our natural instincts and balance towards food choices have been disrupted and very strongly influenced by recent trends and developments of the last 50-100 years. Nutrition isn’t new and knowing more about food and more about our own design and how we work is simply reviewing the basic wisdom we have always had.

Nutrition isn’t only for sports people, it’s for everyone. It affects: mental performance, emotional balance, physical performance and resilience to illness. The right food gives us the best chances of feeling well, performing well and having a good, strong immune system.

Modern lifestyles often interfere with digestive processes – so that even if we are eating good food, we may not be absorbing the nutrients we need. As well as the major food groups; proteins, fats, carbohydrates and water, there are about 45 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids required by our bodies to be healthy.

Our bodies just want us to eat a good mixture of good food (and it would quite like us not to eat too much of the others!).

All too often we only stop to think about what the body needs when something goes wrong – but we are designed the other way round – we are designed to maintain our health – our key to great performance and our best resistance to illness.

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