Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits are a much valued and competitive element of modern employment packages.

Including original, attractive features in Employee Benefits packages is advantageous to employer and employee. Our Workshops, Programmes and Consultancy are an excellent Employee Benefit and a clear statement of the employers’ provision of care to employees.

Enhanced Employee Benefits also act as very effective PR.

This work is popular, highly appreciated and reinforces sustained engagement. It is an attractive extra feature to existing employee benefits packages, supporting employee morale, motivation and productivity.

Legally, taking positive, proactive steps plays an important role in duty of care. Being seen to be proactive is in the interest of the organisation. Taking such steps is relevant to providing a safe working environment – and reduced claims.

Studies undertaken by PwC, CIPD, WHO, HSE, The Lancet, MIND and many more all conclude that proactive work on health and wellbeing are effective for employees, employers and business – and establish short, medium and long term benefits.

These practical programmes are specifically developed to be proactive, to enable companies and organisations to look after employees and to enable individuals to look after themselves.

The PwC report Building the Case for Wellness states “that it is clear that the benefits can significantly outweigh costs” and that a “wealth of evidence suggests a positive link between the introduction of programmes and improved KPIs”.

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